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How does it work?

You start by picking your Reward! We then ask you some questions and present you with deals from our partners, like mobile apps, games, subscription products and services, free trials and many, many more. Complete a certain amount of these deals to earn your Reward and get spending. Many of our partner deals require payments for products and services rendered.

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How fast can I get my reward?

Your Reward is earned as you complete our sponsored and partner deals. Many of these deals can be completed instantly or with very little time investment. Once you have reached the required amount of deals, you will be able to begin the Reward claims process. Our Reward claims process is simple and fast. It only requires an ID verification and typically takes our customer service team 5-7 days to verify, process and deliver your Reward. What are you waiting for? Get Started Now by clicking the button below.

To get started, pick your Reward and start working towards it!
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